Thursday, 26 July 2012

Perfect Simple Wedding

While wandering through the net I happen to stumble upon the amazing photography of Ben Adams. His beautiful images instantly caught my attention and as I began to scroll through his blog I came across Kodi and Natalie’s wedding. The photographs of their simple elopement moved me in a subtle and unexpected way and as I got to the end of the post I realised that I had just viewed one of the most perfect weddings I had ever seen. I have chosen a few of my favourite images to share with you here but my post absolutely does not do this wonderful day justice. In order to really experience it I urge you to view the entire post on Ben’s site and play the accompanying tune. 
Thank you so much Ben for letting me share this perfect day! 
Photography: Ben Adams

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Relaxed Bohemian Outdoor Wedding

I am so delighted to be sharing this stunning wedding captured by Kurt Boomer. If you are not already familiar with Kurt’s warm and wonderful photography I urge you to brows through his blog for some heart warming visual delights. Set on the edge of the wilderness at Matailija Canyon Ranch, the Dent House is a breathtakingly beautiful venue for a wedding. Nicole and John (+ one on the way) created a warm and wonderful event in which their friends and family could celebrate their love with them. The relaxed yet effortlessly chic styling of their day complemented their surroundings beautifully without overpowering the natural beauty of their setting. 
A huge thank you to the lovely and incredibly talented Kurt for letting me share these breathtaking images.  You can see more of this wedding here
Photography: Kurt Boomer // Venue: Dent House 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Midweek Etsy Find – Wedding Stationery Stamps by St John Street Press

There is so much calming beauty in simplicity. I am a great admirer of the creative use of white space in anything from photography to interior design. In our busy cluttered worlds, a design which incorporates white space is like visual therapy for the mind. Clutter free designs let their subject matter breathe and facilitate an effortless appreciation. St John Street Press is the embodiment of this sentiment. Tessa who is the talent behind St John Street Press, creates the most beautifully simple wedding stationery stamps. Here, Tessa shares a little bit about her work:

I recently graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and started carving stamps on the side while wading into the world of architecture. I was drawn to making stamps because I was looking for a way to give each piece a hand-made touch, yet for the design to be consistent. I love how with a stamp, every print is slightly different in tone--I love how areas can fade from dark to light, creating an ombre look or a sun-bleached effect. In all areas of design, I am drawn to the surprises found while transitioning back and forth between the digital and the hand. Sometimes I start a design on the computer, and something very precise becomes so different once it is carved by hand. Or I begin a design by hand, and bring it into the computer. My approach to new stamp designs relies on this back and forth, like the two fonts I use--one looser, hand-drawn script, and one computerized text, which takes on a unique character itself once carved.
Be sure to stop by her delightful Etsy shop to admire her simple perfect work. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Simple Elegant Wedding in Poland

Karolina and Wayne, who are from Brooklyn, wanted their wedding to be an elegant  celebration with family and friends. When they realised what the cost implications of this type of event were in New York they decided to move their event to Poland where Karolina is original from. Friends and family all chipped in to help them organise a simple yet elegant and emotional celebration from overseas. Almost everything for the day was created by the couple or their family and friends. Even Karolina’s stunning wedding dress was handmade by a friend. At midnight the couple shared their passion for tango dancing with their guests by performing a mesmerising Argentinean tango. What a romantic end to a beautiful celebration. Karolina and Wayne’s wedding is such a lovely example of how simplicity can create elegance in a beautifully crafted event. The couple’s exquisite taste shone through in every part of their wedding including their choice of photographer. Their stunning images were captured by Iconoclash Photography who’s beautiful  work can be admired on their website and blog
Photography: Iconoclash Photogrpahy // Dress: Phaedra Elizabeth //  Venue: Palais Racot, Poland // Makeup: Olaf Tabaczynski Make-up
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